It's a High Tech Humidifier, A Water Fountain, Therapeutic Light Show, A Diffuser ALL IN ONE! - WHITE BOWL

Mister Fountain w/ Wireless Remote (BLUE BOWL)
Mister Fountain w/ Wireless Remote (BLUE BOWL)
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Mist disc size: 20mm This unique fountain comes with ML021LRC fogger and LED light with inline controller/receiver and a new wireless remote controller which allows you to control light color and fog output in a distance over 30' , a blue bowl in lotus shape. 17"(dia) x 32"(H); Including an On/Off switch with misting/lighting control fuction, glass bowl, 31.5 inch hight iron stand, UL-transformer and cables. Bowl color blue available.

Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oil, sold separately.


Essential Oils
Essential oils have a variety of uses. Here are some: For making healthy products like soap, lotion, perfume, fragrancing laundry detergent, shampoo, can be used as an air freshener and air purifier, used in oil warmers, and humidifiers, vaccum cleaners, can be used for healing internally and externally (mental and physical ailments, and more.

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